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Logistic, Warehousing and Equipment Leasing Services

General Transportation, Warehousing, and Customs Clearance.

We are able to transport any merchandise and supplies from around the globe to Iraq and the Kurdistan region.


Construction and Land Consulting Services

In addition to our engineering department, Al-Konda can provide your company with the Construction Work and Land Consulting Services needed to complete your company’s project.


General Supply & Base Life Support Service

Al-Konda can provide your company with any variety of supplies needed for your operation, such as, construction, building materials, oils, fuels, fluids, along with other hazardous or non-hazardous materials.


Recycling & Environmental Service

We are the leaders in waste management. From ferrous and non-ferrous metals to oils which are harmful to the environment. Also, we can recycle water which has been contaminated and is no longer safe for consumption


Power Generating Services

Our company is able to provide its customers with any source of energy needed, from solar power to wind power plants, from fossil fuels to diesel. We can assemble a customized power plant depending on your project or office needs. Regardless of the magnitude of your power needs, Al-Konda can provide your company with the necessary power.